"Global Engagement"

Mission Statement of Global Missions

"Committed to world evangelism and discipleship, Global Missions will
send missionaries, resource global ministry, and network through
interdependent partnerships with the Church around the world." 

 Evangelism and Discipleship

  • Send
  • Resource
  • Network

I. Sending of Missionaries

1.1 Review and evaluate missionary designations, titles, and roles; i.e., career, special assignment, missionary apprentice, regional coordinator, as well as the actual term of "missionary."

1.2 Review and evaluate our current recruitment processes. Determine necessary changes and implement changes.

1.3 Develop a strategy for member care that includes: missiological education, spiritual formation, and organizational procedures.

1.4 Research and identify fraternal and compatible sending agencies with whom we can partner to send missionaries to limited access countries. Establish relationships as necessary and implement appropriate working agreements.

II. Resourcing of Global Ministry

2.1 Develop criteria to evaluate and approve requests (projects and/or missionaries) for funding through the lens of the five Strategic Goals and Ends Policies.

2.2 Create strategic agreements (memos of understanding) with partners involved in international ministries for the purpose of authentic cooperation in world evangelism and discipleship. Global Engagement Revised doc. 12/19/2008

2.3 Participate with Kingdom Ministry Team in the development of a clear statement of definition, understanding, and strategy for Global Learning Centers.

2.4 Participate with Church of God Ministries in the development of a clear statement of understanding and strategy for Eye on the World.

2.5 Cross-train Global Missions staff to access and maintain, per approved standard operating procedures approved Global Missions, Web pages and "members only" Web site.

2.6 Develop a strategic plan for Missions Education (theological, organizational, and missiological) for the church.

III. Networking through Interdependent Partnerships

3.1 Increase by 5% the number of Church of God congregations in relationship with cross cultural ministry: Living Link, Project Link, and Eye on the World. To be reviewed annually.

3.2 Facilitate an annual international forum that may include mission pastors, missionaries, international pastors, para-missions groups, and international partners. The first will take place immediately after the 2009 NAC as a Global Conversation. The next ones will be regional in nature and will be facilitated by Global Missions. This will begin with the Latin America International Forum for Kingdom Workers that will meet in Nicaragua in October 2009.

3.3 Identify and re-establish relationships with the Church of God international missionary sending countries and organizations, for information sharing, mutual coordination, support, and mutual accountability.

3.4 Establish intentional partnerships with the International Youth Convention (IYC) as well as the colleges, universities, and seminaries of the Church of God to connect students with missionaries and international partners in order to strengthen relational connectivity with Global Missions, Kingdom Ministries, and Church of God Ministries. Creating a culture of mentorship for youth who are called to missions through which they are identified and nurtured.

3.5 Facilitate the relationship of Church of God Ministries leadership, Partners in Ministry, area administrators, college leadership, and pastors with the international church through two annual strategic Eye on the World vision trips. Create a clear statement of expectations for ministry trips.