Introducing New Missionaries
to Spain, Alejandro and
Carmen De Francisco

In this week of the Midwest Regional Convention of the Church of God in Anderson, Indiana, Global Strategy and Church of God Ministries are pleased to announce the appointment of Alejandro and Carmen De Francisco as missionaries to Spain, working with the Three World team in Europe and the Middle East. Alejandro and Carmen will be commissioned on Tuesday, June 21, in the evening service of the regional convention in Anderson.

Photo: Alejandro and Carmen De FranciscoAlejandro and Carmen are passionate about planting churches and building the kingdom of God. They will be leading the Church of God back into Spain. Together with the Three Worlds team, they have a vision to plant a network of healthy, self-sustaining, self-replicating congregations across Spain, beginning with the launch of a church plant on the south side of Madrid. Along the way, they will be raising up and training leaders for these congregations. This network of churches will be fully integrated into the fellowship of the Church of God across the region. De Franciscos will also serve across the Europe and Middle East region as the Three Worlds team’s consultants for healthy church plants.

It’s only in hindsight that we realize how perfectly God has been shaping us for his mission. Read more…


Video: Meet the Torgesons. Click to play.

Meet the Torgesons

Jason and Abby will be partnering with the Church of God in Costa Rica to launch a mentoring program to reach at-risk children and youth through local congregations. They will also be training pastors and helping to develop church leaders.


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