Appointment of CarolAnn North
as Special Assignment Missionary

Global Strategy has an opportunity to send a teacher to Asia to work with the children of asylum-seeking refugees from a south Asian country. The children have been without schooling for over two years and, in some cases, three years. A small school using ACE curriculum has been set up expressly for them.

Photo: CarolAnn NorthGlobal Strategy and Church of God Ministries are pleased to announce that CarolAnn North has accepted a ten-month appointment as a special assignment missionary working with children in southern Asia. CarolAnn brings unique skills to help the students with their educational needs.

CarolAnn was raised in a Christian home and gave her heart to the Lord at age twelve. As a young woman, she recommitted her life to the Lord and became very active in serving the Lord. She has been involved in ministry in Brazil and Russia. CarolAnn has a love of learning and has earned three master’s degrees, including a master of divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary. CarolAnn is an educator, primarily teaching English, speech, and drama. She is also a gifted musician, using her talents in both educational and arts entertainment programs.

CarolAnn previously served with Global Strategy as a special assignment missionary on Yap, filling in at the school for Gary and Gwen Bistritan while they were on home assignment in 2013.   Read more…


Video: Meet the Torgesons. Click to play.

Meet the Torgesons

Jason and Abby will be partnering with the Church of God in Costa Rica to launch a mentoring program to reach at-risk children and youth through local congregations. They will also be training pastors and helping to develop church leaders.


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